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About Me

I was born in 1980 in İzmir.

I started to design jewelery when I was 10 years old with knitted bracelets. I continued my education life first in Celal Bayar University's ceramics department and then in AÖF Public Relations department.

I worked as a manager in well-known corporate textile companies for many years.I continued to design jewelry during these processes.I opened my own boutique on 1 November 2018. I closed it because it could not meet. excitement in me, when I look at today, I had a dream my love for design and my imagination endless run literally like being brand by the decision to redirect you verdim.yıllar world in somewhere, Turkey's wearing my all around women design.

Thus, the foundations of Elifocaktasarım were laid. They share their happiness photos on social platforms with the pride of being a ELIFOCAKTASARIM woman.

I have no recipe for this feeling. It is my basic principle to make you happy, choose the right design for you and share your happiness at the end of the day.

Preparing personalized designs requires knowing your people. Mutual trust is very important. ½I have such a sincere policy, so you can contact us at any time via watsap for your questions, comments and suggestions. Let's not forget that we women are strong together. You have briefly read the existence story of Elifocak design.

Success is the story of those who really love their job and add something to themselves.

For all women who intend to give up ...

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